There is …not only a cognitive a priori, but
also an abyssal a priori, abyssal stylistic…
A multitude of stylistic matrices…interfere…
alter and contaminate each other…

Lucian Blaga





signature seals

Otherwhere Otherwise






Sol Invictus Press


Selected Exhibitions and Awards

In competitions organized by the Japan Calligraphic Art Academy
in Tokyo and the Japan Calligraphy Center in Los Angeles,
Stefan Arteni was awarded the Japan Foreign Affairs Minister's
Grand Prize for Calligraphy in 1996, the Silver Award for Kana
(linked writing) in 1999, the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles
Grand Prize in 2002.

Arteni has extensively exhibited calligraphies and paintings throughout
Europe, the United States, and in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan:

 •“Yusho Ten”, Tokyo-Geijyutu-Gekijyo (Tokyo, Japan)
 •“Mulpa International Exhibition”:
  Mulpa Art Center (Seoul, Korea) and
  Seoho Museum (Seoul, Korea)
 •“Art of Ink 2004”, Mobile Museum of Art (Mobile, Alabama)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)

 •“Art of Ink 2003”, Shaanxi History Museum (Xi’an, China)
 •Tokyo Ginza Gallery Museum (Tokyo, Japan)

 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)

 •"Contemporary Calligraphy Masters, Representatives and
  Invitational Exhibition", Tokyo Ginza Gallery Museum (Tokyo)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)

 •"A New Perspective on Contemporary Calligraphy: A Dialogue with
  Modern Sinitic Writing  Art"(December 2000 - January 2001),
  Taiwan Museum of Art and Seaport Art Center (Taichung, Taiwan)
 •"Orpheus", St. Mark's Library Seabury Hall, The General
  Theological Seminary (New York)
 •"Ink 2000", Newhouse Salon, (Brooklyn, New York)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)


 •"Brushpaths", The General Theological Seminary (New York)
 •"Monotypes", St. Mark's Library,
  The General Theological Seminary (New York)
 •"Scroll Fragments", Kobe Art Hall, (Kobe, Japan)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)
 •Avant-garde Oriental Calligraphy, Doul Art Center (Seoul)

 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)
 •Mansfield Freeman and Davison Center for the Arts,
  Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut)

 •Kobe Art Hall (Kobe, Japan)
 •Tweed Museum (Duluth, Minnesota)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)

 •Seton Hall University Galleries (South Orange, New Jersey)
 •Doizaki Galleries (Los Angeles)

 •Sumner Museum (Washington, DC)
 •Golden West College Galleries (Huntington Beach, California)

 •Manhattan East Gallery (New York)

 •Manhattan East Gallery (New York)

 •Manhattan East Gallery (New York)

 •Foreign Press Club (Rome)

His works are in numerous private, public and corporate collections.


The dynamic logic of contradiction appears…
as the logic of experience, and at the same
time, as the experience of logic.

Stephane Lupasco


Publications and Lecture -Demonstrations

Since 1974, Arteni has authored over one-hundred radio broadcasts and
published papers on art history, the manufacture of artist's materials, the
techniques and materials of painting, and aesthetics (phenomenology
and systems theory). He has participated in the Congresses of the
International Council of Museums (Committee for Conservation), the
Deutsches Farbenzentrum, the Chinese Society for Aesthetics, ICMS8
(Gestes, formes et processus signifiants en musique et semiotique interarts),
and in numerous other international Symposia and Conferences. Arteni has
also participated in the Conferences of and chaired the I.S.F. Section
"Lipids in Art" in the United States, England, and France.

In recent years, he has lectured on and demonstrated calligraphy
(Greek, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Japanese), and participated in
workshops in New York (1995 and 1996); the Freeman Center for
East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT (1998);
Columbia University, New York (1998); and St. Mark's Library,
General Theological Seminary, New York (1999).


The force of art is the force of truth…a revelation of
the simple secret that things are and that they emerge
from the unknown world into the light of their pure

Jan Patocka


Artist's Books

Arteni is co-founder of Sol Invictus Press and the first Western artist to
master the art of seal cutting. Arteni’s seals have been favorably compared
to Qi Baishi’s. He has also pioneered the art of sumi ink monoprinting
and large-size seal cutting, and has explored and expanded the horizon of
clay monoprinting.

His one-of-a-kind and limited-edition published books have been widely

•“In Memoriam Daniel Simko. Word as Icon”,
  The New York Public Library, Slavic and Baltic Division (New York)

•22 Book Artists, Harper Collins Exhibition Space (New York)

•Retrospective of Artist's Books and Related Materials,
 (November 19, 1998 - April 16, 1999)
 St. Mark's Library, The General Theological Seminary (New York)
•The Horticultural Society of New York (New York)

•Center for Book Arts (New York)
•Marymount College (New York)

•F. I. R. A. (Montreal)
•Soho Biennial (New York)
•The Center for Book Arts (New York)

•The Armory (New York)
•Andrew Melon Auditorium (Washington, DC)
•The Corcoran (Washington, DC)
•Phoenix Public Library (Phoenix, Arizona)

•Humphrey Gallery (New York)


… I am: and I understand by means of the
intellect and by the way of the senses…
The beautiful, absolute in itself, becomes
embodied only variably and forbearingly.

Nicolae Steinhardt


General Background

Stefan Arteni, whose, calligraphy name is Kyosen, comes
from a multicultural background: He was born in Bucharest
and has lived in Rome and New York. He was educated at Romanian
elementary and secondary schools in Bucharest, and continued his
education at Romanian (Bucharest), Italian (Rome) and United States
(New York) universities. He has pursued studies in architecture, art
history, fine arts, icon and mural painting, and the restitution and
conservation of architectural monuments. He is also proficient
in several languages and has worked for the Vatican Radio as
redactor and art historian for many years.


To be otherwhere, to be otherwise…

Massimo Campigli


Far-Eastern Calligraphy Art

Arteni’s interest in calligraphy began in high school. He studied with
Chinese, Korean, and Japanese teachers, and is now pursuing
calligraphy with Professor Tanaka Setsuzan, a Living Master and
president of the Nihon Shodo Geijutsu Kyokai (The Japan Calligraphy
Art Association) founded by Professor Kamijo Shinzan, one of the top
calligraphers from Japan. Arteni has been awarded the highest rank,
shihan (Master), by The Japan Calligraphy Art Association.


Grasp tradition in one hand and grasp life in the
the other…

Shi Lu




Building upon Hesychast and Zen spirituality, Stefan Arteni also teaches
calligraphy: dwelling in art, stilling the mind, enstasis, meditation
with the brush.

© 2001 Stefan Arteni
& Myriam Arteni
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