East and West


Works on paper by
Stefan Arteni

Kobe Art Hall
Kobe, Japan

September 25-30, 1997




East and West

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In allegory the observer is confronted with the
facies hippocratica of history, a petrified
primordial landscape.

Walter Benjamin

Allegory: impersonated abstractions, expounded by emblems

    [ allos: other; agoria: speaking ]

The disclosure of existential-aesthetic structures occurs in a
transversal play across horizons of pictorial multiplicities (Deleuze),
antecedent as well as co-present (Plato's anamnestic imperative
and Kierkegaard's recollecting forward). Painting is both Hermetic
and Dionysiac, an Odyssey (Schelling), a quest ever underway,
generating self-refering worlds out of itself. It is defined
by relations between its elements as well as relations to other
works (Deleuze). It arises from a play, which, the more richly
it unfolds, the more strictly it is bound by its hidden rule.
The bricoleur (Levy-Strauss) strives to elicit order from ruins.

[ Nostalgia.From nostos:return home; algos:pain ]

It is, it was, it is not; it came, it was, and
it is nothing.
Then it returns to nothing, that which was nothing

Conrad of Fabaria

But friend, we come too late: it is true the gods
still live
But above our heads, over there in another world.
They still
have effects over there without end and seem
to care little
whether we live; so much do the heavenly
ones leave us.

Friedrich Holderlin

© 2001 Stefan Arteni
& Myriam S.P.de Arteni
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