Works on paper by
Stefan Arteni

St. Mark's Library, The G.T.S
New York

November, 1999



East and West

Scroll Fragments



On Painting      






Sol Invictus Press


Anabasis, a set of six scrolls

A country here, not mine. What has the world
given me but this swaying of grass?…

St.-John Perse

the drums of exile waken on the marches
Eternity yawning on the sands.

"I have told no one to wait…
I hate you all, gently,
…And what is to be said of this
song you elicit from us?…"

St.-John Perse

Ploughland of dream!
Who talks of building?
- I have seen the earth parcelled out
in vast spaces and my thought is not
heedless of the navigator.

St.-John Perse

The artist is both founder and exile, always lost to himself,
outside, belonging to separation(Blanchot). Art appears as the
highest form of play (Tillich), play as an overall category of the imagination,
of which seeing is the central ingredient.
Painting is a performative (parfournir:to carry out thoroughly)
re-membering(as opposed to dis-membering), a self-abandonment (Schelling),
whereby one is given up to the moment.

The channel forms as the water flows.

Zen proverb

Does man touch the mystery of finitude only still in art,
which has not shed its cultic(Gadamer) and ludic (Huizinga)
Art is in the artist. The opus is made per artem. Paint
continuously alters the operation: materialis efficetur.
    Painting is a manifold topology/place-ing of
    markings, coming forth, gathering up in accordance
    to an asignifying syntax (Staal), attuned to the
    open/no-thingness which is as real as the marks
Doing-being-becoming are cut off from a why and wherefore
outside of themselves and become autotelic (Nishitani),
what Buddhism calls playful samadhi (settling) and what
Taoism calls wu-wei (action as manifestation without
limitations): letting-be as such/letting go.

But what is useless can still be a force
and perhaps the only one.

Martin Heidegger

All works are ink and/or mixed media monotype on paper

© 2001 Stefan Arteni
& Myriam Arteni
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