Scroll Fragments

Kobe Art Hall
Kobe, Japan

March 17-23, 1999




East and West

Scroll Fragments



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The splendor of the simple.

Only image formed keeps the vision.
Yet image formed rests in the poem.

How could cheerfulness stream
through us if we wanted to shun sadness?

Pain gives of its healing power
where we least expect it.

Martin Heidegger


Mnemosyne is the "Mother of the Muses."
Memory signifies abiding with myth, stepping onto
the path of essential signs and symbols.
It is what is said primordially, what is indicated
by marking off forms.
Even discontinous, scattered, broken, effaced,
crossed out recollection is still legible.
To be sure, the danger of remembering is disclosed by
walking the path, the path itself being the way of recalling.
"For as you began, so you will remain," writes Holderlin.

We are a sign that is not read.
We feel no pain, we almost have
Lost our tongue in foreign lands.

Friedrich Holderlin

Time, Myth, Memory, a set of four horizontal scrolls


The heavenly powers
Cannot do all things. It is the mortals
Who reach sooner into the abyss. So the turn is
With these. Long is
The time, but the true comes into
Its own.

Friedrich Holderlin

The Gathering That Recalls, a set of three horizontal scrolls

All works are sumi and/or acrylic with/without
hand-ground glue paints monotypes on paper.

© 2001 Stefan Arteni
& Myriam Arteni
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