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Our primary activity is the making of artist's books since 1991. Our books are made by hand and are published in limited editions. We also nurture the development of one-of-a-kind books. Sol Invictus Press pursues a little known aspect of Chinese art, the unique book of seal impressions (yinpu). Stefan Arteni is the first Western artist who has mastered the art of seal cutting, favored by the Chinese literati as a cultivated pursuit. Sol Invictus Press books have been acquired by art collectors, bibliophiles, and public collections around the world.


Myriam S.P. de Arteni is an artist, book designer, binder and paper conservator. Her works are in numerous private and public collections.

Stefan Arteni is a longtime practitioner of Zen arts. He was awarded the Grand Prize 1996 for Calligraphy of the Japan Foreign Affairs Minister. His works are in private, public and corporate collections worldwide.

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